CCA 1Y0-A19 Citrix

CCA 1Y0-A19 Citrix hilft Ihnen mit hochwertigenUnterlagen und Software, die Fragen und Antworten Zertifizierungsprüfung zu bestehen. Mit Hilfe der sind Sie sicher, die Zertifizierung mit einem hohen Punkt zu bestehen und den Erfolg im IT-Bereich erobern.

1Y0-A19 Citrix XenDesktop 5 Basic Administration Vorbereitung für IT-Prüfung hat eine Reihe von spezialisierten Zertifizierungsprüfung im Zusammenhang mit einem bestimmten Gebiet, und so ist die Wahl der richtigen Training Produkt ist sehr wichtig.

CCA 1Y0-A19 Citrix

A help desk administrator is trying to view the CPU usage on a Windows XP desktop using Desktop Director. The help desk administrator can see the user’s session including the online plug-in version and client IP address but cannot see any CPU activity.

What is the most likely cause for this issue?

A. Port 3389 is NOT open on the VDA
B. WinRM is NOT installed on the Windows XP desktop
C. The administrator has NOT been assigned to the desktop group
D. The user is NOT running any applications and the session is idle

Answer: B

A user tried to connect to a desktop through the Citrix online plug-in, but the connection was unsuccessful.

What could be the cause of this issue?

A. Port 2598 was closed
B. Port 3389 was closed
C. The virtual desktop requires a SSL certificate
D. Antivirus software is preventing the connection

Answer: A

The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) is not able to register with the Controller.

Which two common troubleshooting steps can resolve this issue? (Choose two)

A. Ensure the time is in sync between the VDA and the Controller
B. Confirm that the firewall is open for port 80 between the VDA and Controller
C. Check that the Controller connection state for the VDA is shown as Enabled
D. Validate that bot an IPv4 and IPv6 address is assigned for the VDA and the Controller

Answer: AB

CCA 1Y0-A19 Citrix