aktualteste Fragen 1Z0-033 Oracle

aktualteste Fragen 1Z0-033 Oracle

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aktualteste Fragen 1Z0-033 Oracle

In your test database, you want to automatically collect database statistics at regular intervals. You execute the spauto.sql script to automate this task. What must you ensure before executing this script?

A. The AQ_TM_PROCESSES parameter is set to a value higher than one.
B. The THREAD parameter is set to a nonzero value.
C. The OPTIMIZER_MODE parameter is set to CHOOSE.
D. The JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES parameter is set to a nonzero value.
E. The LOCK_SGA parameter is set to TRUE.

Answer: D

You receive complaints from database users about performance degradation. On investigation, you find that this is due to unnecessary sort operations in the database. Which are the two operations that would reduce sorting? (Choose two.)

A. using UNION instead of UNION ALL, wherever possible
B. using sort-merge join instead of the nested-loop join
C. using ANALYZE command for large objects with ESTIMATE clause instead of COMPUTE
D. creating indexes on the columns that are used in equijoins

Answer: CD

While doing a routine performance check of your test database, you find that a large number of statements are getting invalidated in the library cache, thereby causing the statements to be reparsed. What could be the reason for the invalidations?

A. Statistics have not been collected on the referenced columns.
B. There is not enough free space in the Shared Pool.
C. The structures of dependent objects have been modified.
D. Stored outlines are being used.
E. The Shared Pool Reserved Space is not configured.

Answer: C

Which statement could require a sort?

FROM emp:
B. UPDATE emp SET salary=salary*1.1
WHERE id=7722;
C. SELECT emp_id, name
FROM emp
WHERE emp-id=7722;
D. SELECT emp_id, name
FROM emp
WHERE emp_id BETWEEN7722and7100;

Answer: A

aktualteste Fragen 1Z0-033 Oracle